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20 hikers rescued from Devil's Bathtub after flash floods

Twenty hikers were rescued Monday near a swimming hole known as the Devil's Bathtub in Virginia, CNN affiliate WJHL reports.

The rescue began Sunday when heavy rains caused flash flooding along the popular trail and the hikers became stranded about 7 p.m., Fort Blackmore Volunteer Fire Department officials told affiliate WCYB.

Devil's Bathtub is a naturally occurring swimming hole in the western part of the state.

Initial reports indicated at least two children were in the group, WCYB says.

According to Duffield Fire Chief Roger Carter, all of the hikers were rescued on trails around the Devil's Bathtub before 10 a.m. Monday.

One hiker had mild hypothermia and another might have a twisted knee, Carter said.

The US Forest Service temporarily closed the Devil's Bathtub trail for the remainder of Memorial Day. An online alert posted on the Scott County tourism website warns that the swimming hole is prone to flash flooding.

"For this reason, please do not attempt the trail if the water is above your knees," the alert reads.

The Devil's Bathtub is in Scott County in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The trail leading to it is called Devil's Fork and is 7.2-mile round trip.

By Artemis Moshtaghian and Jay Croft, CNN

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