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Greek-American Nicole Malliotakis is Running for Mayor of New York City

(New York, New York, United States) – A Greek-American, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, is officially running for mayor of New York City. As Assemblywoman, she is currently representing aspects of the city, such as Brooklyn and Staten Island, and she has decided that she wants to represent the city as a whole. She is currently the only woman who is running for mayor this time around, and it is believed that she is the first female republican ever to run.

Adele Malpass, Chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party has said, “As far as I know, she’s the first Republican woman to run.” However, it has also been reported by the Times that Diane Macgrath ran for mayor in 1985 as a conservative and republican. She finished in third place.

She recently announced her intention to run and has filed all the necessary paperwork. Malliotakis said that, “My intention is to run, unless my good friend John Catsimatidis jumps into the race.” Catsimatidis is a billionaire republican who has unsuccessfully run for mayor in the past. However, he has not announced his intention to run this time around.

One of the action items that Malliotakis has said needs to change is the issue of undocumented immigration. She believes that the city is too lenient in certain areas. Since the topic of immigration is a hot one, this election as a whole has been creating a lot of buzz. Malliotakis said that, “I think there hasn’t been much excitement in this race. I feel that Mayor de Blasio is someone that many people across the political spectrum have expressed displeasure with.”

Malliotakis has also expressed pride about her Greek and immigrant ancestry. Her father was an immigrant from Greece and her mother was from Cuba. As a result, she also speaks Spanish, which could help her in the election.

Written By on May 2, 2017

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