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Adviser to Erdogan: “We will sink the ‘Charles de Gaulle’ carrier”!|BCI GREECE

Bahceli: “Greece’s aspirations on our shores are the language of war”

Prof. Mesut Hakki Casin, adviser to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on foreign policy, who had recently called the Greeks “dwarfs” and Greece “a country that starves to death”, made new inflammatory statements. During an interview on TV, Casin verbally attacked not only Greece, but France also, and threatened that Turkey would “tear its liver” and sinking the aircraft carrier that arrives in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Greece has not found natural gas and while it does not have an aircraft carrier, it is sending the French aircraft carrier here against Turkey. It attacks us riding another man’s horse. This horse will be shot and killed. This is the first. Secondly, Turkey, as our friend said a moment ago, is not a state without a voice. Our dear President stated that we neither claim someone else’s rights nor let them claim our own. If there is anyone out there who violates our rights, the Turkish nation will tear their liver. There is a very large army, the eighth army in the world. The third in NATO. Who dares to play tough with us in the Aegean and the Mediterranean?” Casin said, reminding Greece of the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922. He said specifically: “Does Greece really want a taste of our fist? The Greeks still did not understand this. See the 9th of September (anniversary on which the Turkish forces occupied Smyrna from the Greeks in 1922) arrives. While escaping you were killing each other, running towards the sea then. Enough is enough. Enough! Our pilots will soon shoot down five or six of the Greek aircraft and we will have war. By no means can this nation be under so much pressure. Turkey is not a nation that you should to try. The bayonets of the Turkish soldiers are fixed and ready. In the past, even without bullets, we finished the enemy with our bayonets. So go ahead, we are waiting here”. Erdogan’s adviser was unstoppable saying that he is ready to shoot the head of a Greek pilot who will fall into his hands. “Look, I am a professor in the Armed Forces. And if there is a Greek pilot who may hit us, I will shoot this pilot in the middle of his forehead”, concluded the man who advises as an “expert” the Turkish President on defense and foreign policy issues. he epicenter of Devlet Bahceli’s statements as well. The leader of Turkey’s far-right MHP party, which is collaborating with Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist-conservative AKP in the government, using the same war language as before did not hesitate to say that “Greece’s stance on our shores is a language of war”. Greece behaves like a robber, hides behind other states and insists on escaping agreements, dialogue and compromises. It walks in the shadow of injustice and illegality, thus seeking prosperity for the future. The brakes of Greece have been broken with the suggestions and provocations of France, the UAE, the Greek-Cypriots, Egypt and Israel, which can cause disaster. NATO’s announcement that an agreement on technical talks had been reached was refuted by Greece and it became clear which country did not want peace and dialogue”, Bahceli said. He continued: “All this in combination with the defense cooperation that will be signed by Mitsotakis and Macron, are evidence and presumptions for new aspirations in the region. It must become known that the aspirations of Greece on our shores are an obvious language of war. Those who violate, deny or occupy our continental shelf, our waters or any feature of our sovereignty, both in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean, will pay a heavy price for their historical mistakes”. Bahceli too did not hesitate to make reference to the events of the 1920s: 1920. It is necessary for other EU member states, such as Germany, to prevent and correct France’s aggressive policies. The EU is divided and cannot pursue a common policy. In addition, France and Greece have turned against us, under the umbrella of NATO. In this way, neither NATO nor the establishment of a peace environment can continue. The Turkish nation is fighting for the independence of the ‘Blue Homeland'”.

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