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Bones found on Tsuutʼina Nation: Alberta RCMP|BCI CANADA

The Tsuutʼina Nation Police Service and other agencies descended on the west end of the nation on Friday after people found bones in the area, RCMP said.

The TNPS wouldn't say what they were investigating, only noting that it wanted the public to stay away from the paintball area and powwow grounds.

"We are advising our community of the increased presence of police but can assure everyone there is no concern for the safety of our nation members," the police service said.

RCMP said people found bones and fragments Thursday afternoon and called the TNPS. RCMP and Cochrane Search and Rescue responded too.

Police took the bones to the medical examiner’s office for pathology and examination. RCMP said they won't know until next week if the bones are human or animal.

Global News

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