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Calgary man pleads guilty to hit and run charge even though his victim can't be found|BCI CANADA

The Calgary Courts Centre in downtown Calgary.

His victim can’t be found, but that didn’t stop a Calgary man pleading guilty Friday in a plea deal which will avoid any immigration implications.

Natnael Behylu Yetayew, 40, pleaded guilty to hit and run in connection with an incident last Sept. 8, in which a woman was struck in a Forest Lawn intersection.

In presenting a joint submission for a 179-day conditional sentence to be served in the community, Crown prosecutor Renato Di Lorenzo said one of the problems he had with his case is police can’t find the victim.

“The victim has not been seen, or heard from since the accident,” Di Lorenzo told provincial court Judge Karim Jivraj.

Di Lorenzo said EMS received a call at 6:51 a.m. that a blue SUV “had run over a female” at the intersection of 19 Ave. and 42 St. S.E.

The prosecutor said the woman suffered a laceration to her left foot.

Officers soon noticed a vehicle fitting the description on 17 Ave. and 52 St. and pulled in behind.

The driver immediately turned northbound on 50 St. and sped up before turning onto another street and stopping.

At that point Yetayew got out and approached the cruiser.

Di Lorenzo said officers noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from him.

Defence lawyer Andre Ouellette, in agreeing with the proposed 179-day term, said his client indicated a wish to plead guilty from the outset.

The 179 days is one day less than six months, which would automatically trigger immigration implications for Yetayew, Ouellette said outside court.

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