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Canada slashes imports of Cannabis, needs more stores to meet demand|BCI GREECE

The country’s officials have been accused of cannabis “protectionism” due to not allowing medical marijuana imports

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Over the last three years, Canada significantly trimmed imports of cannabis. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the country legally imported around 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of dried cannabis and 200.35 milliliters (6.8 ounces) of cannabis oil. Meanwhile, the Great White North exported roughly 3,740 kilograms (8,245 pounds) of dried cannabis for medical and scientific use in 2019, as reported by the outlet. In addition, most of the shipments ended up in Germany. Simultaneously, around 5,372 liters (1,419 gallons) of cannabis oil products manufactured in Canada were distributed internationally in 17 countries. Some countries, as well as international medical cannabis businesses, criticized Canada’s government, for creating bias between domestic medical cannabis producers and its foreign competition.

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