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Clearview, Ont., fire crews battle ‘suspicious’ blaze at abandoned home|BCI CANADA

Clearview, Ont., fire crews battled a blaze at an abandoned home on the outskirts of Stayner, Ont., late Thursday night.

The fire, which took place on Mowat Street south of the 27/28 Sideroad, is being treated as suspicious, and the Ontario Provincial Police are conducting an investigation, according to Roree Payment, Clearview's fire chief.

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"We received reports of a possible structure fire at 11:07 p.m.," Payment said. "We responded to the address with five of our fire stations and approximately 24 firefighters."

Roree Payment@CFES_FireChief S15, P12, T43, T63, P62, T33 operating at a well involved fire in Station 1’s area, outstanding stop by crews

Payment said there were no occupants in the home at the time of the fire and that no one had lived there for several years.

"The fire marshal was called to investigate, however they didn't send any crews out at the time of our involvement with the scene," Payment added.

The estimated cost of damages is about $250,000, according to Payment.


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