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Clocks to turn back an hour on October 25|BCI CANADA

Daylight savings to take effect on October 25

Daylight savings will take effect on the last Sunday of October, specifically on October 25, meaning at 3 am of that day clocks will turn back one hour. The issue of daylight savings and the change of time has been the subject of debate lately, following the decision of the European Parliament, which voted to end the practice from 2021. The vote, Reuters explained, is not the final word on the issue but will be the basis for talks with EU member states to finalise the legislation.

On 26 March 2019, the European Parliament approved a Commission’s proposal, supporting the end of time changes by 2021, at which point each country will be asked to choose whether to adopt the proposal or not. However, the “green light” will be finally given by the European Council.

Daylight savings has the main advantage of aiding in energy conservation, as during the months of summertime we save 210 hours of electricity by taking advantage of the Sun.

As mentioned on the website of the European Parliament in Greece, the countries of the European Union that will decide to maintain their summertime will have to make their final change on the last Sunday of March 2021.

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