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COVID-19 in Toronto: Here's where the city is opening emergency cooling centres|

There's another sweltering day ahead in Toronto which will be especially difficult for those who don't have access to air conditioning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning, with the daily high expected to reach 30 C and feel closer to the mid- to upper-thirties with the humidex.

Normally, the city would open a variety of cooling centres, but it has been forced to open fewer because of the need to keep people physically distanced from one another. 

Here's where you can find an emergency cooling centre if you need one. The facilities will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

  • Wallace Emerson Community Centre — 1260 Dufferin St.

  • Regent Park Community Centre — 402 Shuter St.

  • Malvern Community Centre Arena — 30 Sewells Rd.

  • Scarborough Village Community Centre Arena — 3600 Kingston Rd.

  • Amesbury Arena — 155 Culford Dr.

  • Domenico DiLuca Community Centre — 25 Stanley Rd.

Environment Canada suggests the temperatures will be lower near Lake Ontario.

Meanwhile, Toronto has now seen a total 10,212 confirmed COVID-19 cases. To put that in context, Ontario as a whole has just under 26,000 cases.

About 7,509 of those people in the city who contracted the novel coronavirus have recovered, however 761 have died.

About 14 per cent of those who contract the virus require hospitalization.

If you're trying to evaluate the risk COVID-19 poses in Toronto, check out this explainer.


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