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COVID-19 in Toronto: More than 300 still hospitalized in city|BCI CANADA

© Evan Mitsui/CBCThere's more nice weather ahead this weekend, and Toronto's COVID-19 case count remains stubbornly high

The City of Toronto continues to be hard hit by COVID-19, with the city confirming 183 new cases as of Thursday.

Despite that, the province continues to loosen restrictions that will likely have a major effect on the city, for example its move Thursday to allow short-term rentals to begin operating again.

Further, there's a weekend of nice weather ahead and Friday and Saturday could see large demonstrations.

It's unclear how those events will affect the spread of the novel coronavirus in the city — people can be infected but symptoms may not show up for 14 days. Here's a look at the latest data from Toronto Public Health:

  • Toronto has had 11,835 total cases — with 9,131 people having recovered.

  • About 365 people are still hospitalized, and 82 of those patients are in intensive care units.

  • There have now been 883 deaths linked to COVID-19.

  • The city's northwest and northeast continue to report the most cases, though COVID-19 cases can be found in every neighbourhood.

On Thursday, CBC News reported that some 2,000 cases in Toronto can't be tracked due to issues with data collection at testing labs.

Ontario, meanwhile, will release its latest COVID-19 data at 10:30 a.m. ET. 

Health officials continue to urge Torontonians to practice physical distancing, where a mask when that's not possible and wash your hands as much as possible.


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