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Erdogan provokes again: I hope they do not pay the same price as 100 years ago|BCI GREECE

Turkey tried to cancel the Greek FM meeting with the UNSG under the pretext of the coronavirus & requested that he remain in quarantine for 14 days!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan proceeded to a new provocative statement, over the phone this time, addressing Greece without naming it. According to the daily Hurriyet, the President of Turkey, speaking to the graduates of the Turkish National Defense University, he said: “Those who attacked our independence a century ago, the Turkish people buried them either on the ground or threw them into the sea. Those who targeted our flag and our prayer, when they were looking for a way out of this pressure, executed three prime ministers, two ministers and a general. We hope they do not make the same mistake today and do not pay the same price today”. At the same time, according to an Anadolu Agency report on Saturday morning, Turkey announced a five-day military exercise, starting on Sunday, with the Turkish Cypriot “army” in the occupied Territories. On Friday, Nikos Dendias met with the UN Secretary General in New York. Turkey, however, tried to cancel the meeting, under the pretext of the coronavirus. They requested Nikos Dendias to remain in quarantine for 14 days! The Greek Foreign Minister finally, with special permission from the US State Department, briefed Guterres on Turkish provocations that threaten peace and regional stability in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, he presented in detail to the UN Secretary General the agreement on the demarcation of the maritime zones of Greece and Egypt, while he also referred to the Cyprus issue, focusing on the new Turkish threats for the settlement of Varosia.


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