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Erdogan to Merkel:“It is unacceptable for countries to support Greece”

he said during new phone discussion

Stoltenberg: Greece & Turkey agreed on technical dialogue to establish deconfliction mechanisms – Athens refutes

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and talked about the ongoing crisis between Greece and Turkey. According to the first information from the Turkish media, Erdogan blamed Greece and Cyprus for the tension. In fact, the same information states that the Turkish president took a particularly tough stance towards the German Chancellor and insisted on his positions. Erdogan reportedly told the Merkel that “the selfish and unjust attitude of Greece and the Greek-Cypriots is supported by some countries, which is unacceptable”. In fact, he accused Greece, Cyprus and the countries that support them that “they are taking steps that increase the tension and lead to the non-solution of the problems”. In the mean time, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg posted on his Twitter account that Greece and Turkey agreed to commence low-level discussions to establish deconfliction mechanisms. However, sources from Athens deny this development has taken place, rising questions about Stoltenberg’s announcement.


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