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Kastellorizo:Drone with loudspeakers play Turkish national anthem vandalized Greek flag|BCI CANADA

Turkey has its eyes on Kastellorizo especially in the last months

The Turks continue to provoke, targeting Kastellorizo ​​once again. At 07:00 on Saturday morning, the residents of the island were disturbed by the flight of a drone of unknown origin that played through speakers it carried, the Turkish national anthem and the Ottoman battle hymns. According to information, the drone flew for more than 40′ in the air above Kastellorizo and the surrounding smaller islands. OPEN TV broadcast relevant footage and information.

But this incident was not the only one. The large Greek flag that is painted on the rock above the port of the island, and can even be seen from the Turkish coast, was vandalized with red paint that someone threw on it.

In fact, the Turkish KARAR TV published a video with drone shots which show Kastellorizo from above and the Greek flag that is visible after it got vandalized.

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