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Michael Schumacher will have a stem cell operation “within days” to regenerate his nervous system|

Philippe Menasche, a renowned surgeon will be the one operating on him

Michael Schumacher is set to have stem cell surgery by a world-renowned doctor in a bid to regenerate his nervous system.

The Formula One icon suffered his devastating skiing accident six-and-a-half years ago and his physical condition has largely been closely guarded by those around him.

Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury in 2013 and the latest operation will take place in the coming days, according to Italian media reports.

The operation will be performed by French professor and cardiologist Dr Philippe Menasche.

He is a world-renowned medical pioneer and is understood to have operated on Schumacher before, last September.

He pioneered the technique of grafting stem cells onto a damaged heart and results have showed it is a safe procedure.

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