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New Covid-19 lock-down under considerationAuthor|BCI CANADA

A series of stricter measures to take effect for the next 14 days

Greek authorities are considering reinstating a total lock-down in the face of rising Covid-19 cases in an effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic and alleviate pressure of ICUs in hospitals treated with coronavirus. The period between September 21st and October Crash test for the residents of Attica is the period from today Monday 21 September to Sunday 4, the measures will act as a ‘crash test’ for the effectiveness of the measures announced. These include: Maximum 9 people for indoor and outdoor gatherings (excluding areas with special distance measures, such as health stores) Indoor and outdoor concerts are suspended and indoor cinema screenings are suspended Maximum 20 people at weddings, funerals and baptisms. Restriction of the movement of people over 65 to what is absolutely necessary and to avoid contact with people other than their immediate family environment and to avoid traveling by public transport. Mandatory teleworking for private and public sector employees performing office work or work that can be done remotely. Flexibility in the arrival and departure of private sector workers in four waves. Within two hours from the start and end of working hours. Scanning checks on employers and employees who do not comply with protection measures in the workplace. That is, the mandatory use of a mask. Extensive controls with rapid test of Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) in workplaces and gatherings in the congested areas of Attica and in services of the private and public sector that are considered necessary for the continuous and smooth operation of the state and the economy -e.g. schools, public transport and especially hospitals.

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