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Over a third of Greeks in favour of military conflict with Turkey |BCI CANADA

if it drills in Greek waters

Ruling New Democracy leads major opposition party SYRIZA by 16.9 points, according to a poll conducted by Alco aired on Open TV’s main news bulletin.

In the event Turkey drills in Greek territorial waters, 49% said they preferred a diplomatic solution, while 37% were in favour of a military response.

In the voting intention, 39.1% of the respondents said they would vote for New Democracy with SYRIZA receiving 22.2%, followed by KINAL with 6.9%, KKE with 5.4%, Hellenic Solution with 4.6%, DiEM25 with 3% and Golden Dawn with 1.8%. The undecided voters were 11.9%.

Of those polled 44% said incumbent PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis was most suitable to lead the country, compared to Alexis Tsipras 22%.

59% of citizens consider the use of a mask in schools necessary, while 33% consider the measure “excessive”. 61% of the respondents say they are satisfied with the government’s response to the pandemic, down from the 84% last May.

59% of the citizens consider the government’s handling of the Greek-Turkish crisis correct, while 23% were dissatisfied. At the same time, 58% of the citizens consider the new Arms deal to enhance the military necessary, with 25% believing these sums should be allocated for other needs.

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