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Toronto cop suspended over criminal charges now accused of impaired driving|BCI CANADA

TORONTO — A Toronto police officer suspended from the force after allegedly using his position to try and collect a debt is now accused of speeding down a major highway while impaired.

Const. Lionel Peters was suspended with pay from the Toronto force last May after serving for 17 years.

At the time, Toronto police alleged he showed up at a person's home early in the morning while in full uniform and carrying his firearm in order to collect a debt on behalf of a third party.

He was later charged with four counts, including extortion, threatening bodily harm and breach of trust.

The latest round of charges came on Tuesday afternoon after Ontario Provincial Police pulled him over on Highway 407 west of Toronto.

They allege he was driving at 179 kilometres an hour with a blood alcohol level nearly four times over the legal limit.

Peters, 43, is now facing three new charges including impaired driving and street racing.

He has also had his driver's licence suspended for 90 days.

Toronto police say he remains suspended from the force with pay, and that any internal disciplinary procedures would take place only once the criminal charges are resolved.

The force declined to comment on the most recent charges he's facing.

No lawyer representing Peters could be reached for comment.

The Canadian Press

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