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Toronto officer charged after police radio allegedly stolen in 2019|BCI CANADA

An 11-year Toronto police officer is facing charges after an encrypted radio was allegedly stolen from the service.

Connie Osborne, a spokesperson for the service, told Global News the radio was taken from 22 Division sometime between Sept. 12 and Oct. 7.

Osborne said the radio was later recovered by police in the beginning part of May.

The service's professional standards unit launched an investigation.

The circumstances surrounding the theft, use and recovery of the radio weren't disclosed as of Monday because Osborne said there was an ongoing investigation. Toronto police radios were encrypted in 2015.

"There is always the potential that information may have been heard outside of the service when one of our radios are stolen," she said.

Police announced 22 Division Const. Ronald Joseph was arrested on Monday and charged with breach of trust and theft over $5,000.

The accused was suspended with pay under provisions of Ontario's Police Services Act.

Joseph was scheduled to appear in a Toronto court on Sept. 4.

Global News

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