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Turkey will watch directly, all Turks, in real-time|BCI GREECE

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan targets individual freedoms once again. By taking ideas from the practical and technological applications of the Communist Party of China, a giant surveillance system of all Turkish citizens is loaded with millions of data and will soon be operational.

Anadolu Agency reported on Wednesday that all security and traffic cameras will be connected to the identity cards, photos & driver’s licenses of the Turkish citizens and they will be managed by a new directorate directly under the Turkish presidency.

Its name sounds “innocent”: The Directorate of the Security and Emergency Coordination Center will be operational “in a few months”, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told participants in an online technology exhibition.

“We are creating an excellent mechanism where we connect all the sites, all the cameras, the security, surveillance and the traffic ones, which can then be referred to the Presidential Directorate”, Soylu said.

“In this way, it is possible to immediately identify a citizen from a fleeting shot of a car. It will also act as a deterrent to dissidents as each holder of an electronic ID will be able to be identified at rallies for example.

The new generation of Turkish ID cards, which have chips, will be loaded with the data of the driver’s license from Friday”, the minister said.

Banking information, citizen data in e-government and insurance data will be integrated in the future in the system where identity cards will have biometric data of citizens, including fingerprints.

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