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Two men are accused of “Netflix-worthy terror plot” to bomb Trump Tower|BCI CANADA

other targets in support of ISIS

The pair allegedly planned a series of ISIS-inspired attacks on US sites

Two men have been arrested on accusations of plotting a ‘Netflix-worthy’ series of ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks including bombings on Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange. Jaylyn Christopher Molina, of San Antonio, Texas, and Kristopher Sean Matthews, 34, from Eglin, South Carolina, were arrested on Monday. Molina was detained in Texas and Matthews arrested in Tennessee. The FBI claim they intercepted communications which showed the men planning an attack in the name of the Islamic State, according to court documents obtained by KSAT. Matthews allegedly suggested it would be better to attack government centers rather than places like ‘malls where innocent children are’. He allegedly suggested targeting Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange – hoping the sites would give the pair ‘rock star status, baby’.

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